AI-augmented brain monitoring
for general anesthesia
Currently accelerated at Inria Startup Studio Paris, supported by the Bernoulli Lab, and hosted at Hôpital Lariboisière (Paris), AlphaBrain develops advanced AI-based brain monitoring medical technologies to inform and assist anesthetists in real-time during surgical operations.
Hôpital Lariboisière, Paris, France

Latest News

Aug. 2023Sofiane Sifaoui joins us for a full-time machine learning research internship! He will be working on modeling surgery EEG data using SOTA deep learning algorithms and models.

Jul. 2023 — AlphaBrain won the nation-wide i-PhD contest (30k€), organised by Bpifrance and the French government for the national France 2030 deeptech investment plan.

"Co-Porteurs" Inria Startup Studio

David Sabbagh
Business Lead
Ph.D Inria
Valentin Iovene
Tech Lead
Ph.D Inria


Sofiane Sifaoui
ML Research Intern
ISEP / Paris Uni.

Scientific Counsel

Alexandre Gramfort
Jérôme Cartailler

Medical Counsel

Fabrice Vallée
Elsa Manquat
Jona Joachim
Cyril Touchard
Kenza Elayeb

Business Counsel

Pierre Haren